3rd Food for Life Science Forum at the University of Tokyo

To News listTokyo, Japan,Oct 2, 2013

The 3rd Annual “Food for Life” Science Forum was successfully held at Tokyo University, Japan. The 2013 event, jointly organized by the Nestlé Nutrition Council, Japan, the Nestlé Research Center Tokyo and the Endowed Chair of “Food for Life” of the University of Tokyo focused on the role of nutrition in stimulating and sustaining cognitive performance

The symposium was supported by the University of Tokyo and Nestlé Japan with opening speeches from Mr. Stefan Noreen, Senior advisor,Office of the President of the University of Tokyo and Mr. Kohzoh Takaoka, President and CEO of Nestlé Japan Ltd. This year’s event gathered more than 250 participants with experts from the medical and life science community,students, and private industry. 


The keynote symposium speaker, Prof. Ryuta Kawashima, Director of the Smart Ageing International Research Center at Tohoku University, spoke about the effect of breakfast consumption on cognitive functions.  His presentation provided evidence of the role not only of breakfast but a nutritionally balanced one on cognitive performance through the application of new technologies to measure brain activity. 

Prof.Satoshi Kida from the Tokyo University of Agriculture, described the results of his studies on vitamin B1 and vitamin A as nutrient factors involved in the brain function, especially the regulation of learning and memory. 

Prof.Toru Moriguchi from Azabu University described the results of his studies on the role of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids as nutrient factors involved in the brain function, particularly focusing on the regulation of emotional behavior and the risk of developing mental illnesses. After the presentations, a panel discussion with experts and participants took place to further discuss on this broad subject of increasing scientific relevance and interest. 

The “Food for Life” Science Forum, is an event organized annually to raise awareness about the role of nutrition and diet in maintaining good health and eventually strengthen the collaboration between the medical and life science communities.  For further information on the scientific contents of the event please click here.