4th Food for Life Science Forum at the University of Tokyo

To News listTokyo,Nov 15, 2014

On November 15, The 4th Science Forum “Childhood Obesity – Education and Consequences on Public Health” was co-organized by the Nestlé Nutrition Council Japan, Nestlé Research Tokyo and the endowed chair of “Food for Life”, Corporate Sponsored Research Program at the University of Tokyo. This year’s event gathered more than 200 participants with experts from the medical and life science community, students, and private industry.

Prof. Keiko Abe, Chair of the NNCJ Board, gave the opening speech. Followed by a message from Ms. Melanie Kohli of Executive Officer, Corporate Affairs Group of Nestlé Japan Ltd about “Taking leadership in Nutrition, Health and Wellness" and an introduction from Dr. Suminori Kono, president of the National Institute of Health and Nutrition followed.

The forum was chaired by Dr. S. Kono (Keynote lecture and lecture 1) and Prof. Hisanori Kato, Professor at the University of Tokyo (lecture 2&3).

The symposium started with a keynote presentation by Prof. Tomoo Okada from the Kanagawa Institute of Technology who gave a presentation on pediatric obesity related to changes in lifestyle. Prof. Okada highlighted the importance of risk factors such as abdominal visceral fat, blood vessel and metabolism. In addition, he expressed concerns about the issues of low birth weight and undernourished young skinny women. (click here to download the presentation aid(9MB))

Next, Dr. Masako Sei, Tokushima Health Screening Center, presented her results of a study in which she designed strategies to prevent lifestyle-related diseases for elementary and junior high school students in Tokushima , a prefecture with the highest rate of children body weight and mortality related to diabetes. (click here to download the presentation aid(3MB))

Prof. Narumi Nagai, University of Hyogo, highlighted the results of her studies showing a significant increase in prevalence of childhood obesity despite the fact that energy intake of Japanese children has not changed for 20 years. In her presentation she highlighted the association relationship between body weight, diet, exercise and the function of the autonomic nervous system. (click here to download the presentation aid (22MB))

Prof. Chiharu Tsutsumi, Sagami Women’s University, described the results of her studies showing the importance of parents' education in preventing childhood obesity. In her presentation, she particularly focused on the role of dietary education. (click here to download the presentation aid in Japanese(550KB)

After the presentations, a panel discussion, chaired by Prof. Toshio Moritani of Kyoto University, with experts and participants took place to further discuss this broad subject of increasing scientific relevance and interest.

The NNCJ Best Original Paper Award Ceremony was held for this year's winners. In the name of NNCJ, Prof. Abe attributed the awards to Dr. M. Kumazoe, Kyushu Univ., Dr. Y. Hirota, Suzuka University of Medical Science, and Dr. Ryoichi Fujiwara, Kitasato Univ.

Finally, Dr. Fabrizio Arigoni summarized the highlights of the forum in his closing remarks.

For the brochure, please click here to download.